Looking for Yoga in York PA?

The Renaissance Yoga Studio is a friendly, relaxed environment where people of all levels of experience can learn to appreciate and benefit by the practice of yoga.

We are located in York, Pennsylvania (click here for directions) and offer a variety of yoga classes ranging from the basics for beginners, to more technical and challenging classes for experienced students. We believe that everyone can benefit by practicing yoga. Not only will your flexibility improve over time, but yoga can also strengthen and tone your muscles, while helping you to become more relaxed and more centered in the process. You can learn more about the benefits of yoga here.

At the Renaissance Yoga Studio we have experienced instructors who are ready to help you to learn yoga safely and correctly. Class sizes are small enough to allow our instructors amply time to answer your questions and address your individual needs. You can learn more about the different types of classes that we offer here.

We would love to show you how yoga can improve your life. We are currently offering a free class available to anyone who would like to try.  You can register for it here.