About The Yoga Studio

Renaissance Yoga Studio

The new studio is located just behind the old, and features a much larger space.

How Renaissance Yoga Came Into Being

The word “renaissance” means re-birth, and it seems fitting for students who are discovering yoga for the first time.  Among other things, practicing yoga allows us to be “reborn” to some degree.  We can actually regain some of the strength, stamina, and flexibility we had when we were younger.  Practicing yoga is also a wonderful way to cope with the stress and pressure that is so prominent now in our lives.


While the name “Renaissance Yoga Studio” came into being only in the fall of 2006, Bob Hayes, the director of the studio, has actually been teaching yoga classes at the same location for the past three years.  The original name was “Yoga with Bob”.  A new name (and website) was felt to be appropriate at this time, because of the increasing numbers of students attending classes at the studio, and the corresponding need to offer additional classes, and staff to teach these classes.


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