Class Descriptions

Renaissance Yoga Studio offers a range of Yoga classes, ranging from relaxing and meditation-based, to those offering a more rigorous workout.

Hatha Yoga

The most popular form of yoga, Hatha Yoga encourages health and well-being through breathing exercises, special postures (called asanas) and concentration.  With Hatha Yoga in particular, there is an emphasis on precise alignment of bones, joints and muscles, with special attention given to the strength and flexibility of the spine.

In Hatha 1 class, students are introduced to yoga.  In addition to learning a variety of basic poses, yoga history and philosophy are offered here, along with meditation, chanting, and various techniques designed to work with the breath.
Hatha 2 is an extension of Hatha 1.  In the Hatha 2 class, more challenging poses are introduced, and the pace of the class is accelerated.

Yin Yoga

Using mindful breath while muscles are relaxed, Yin Yoga utilizes long-held(3-5 minutes) floor stretches for the physical release of ligaments and fascia, which form the network of connective tissue in the body.  A consistent practice of Yin Yoga supports long-term health by appropriately stretching connective tissue, thereby enhancing bone strength, density and joint flexibility.
Specifically, Yin Yoga targets the connective tissue of the hips, pelvis and lower spine, and balances the more active (Yang) styles of yoga, like Hatha Yoga, which works the muscles in rhythmic, repetitive movement.  With practice, joints become more flexible, leaving the body feeling light and unencumbered.
While anyone can benefit from a session of Yin Yoga, some prior yoga experience is recommended before attending a class

Gentle Yoga

A style of yoga for those students whose mobility would limit them from participating in a beginner-level yoga class.  Consequently, all of the traditional yoga poses are modified to suit the students needs.  Students will also have access to a variety of supports, including chairs and walls.  The pace in a gentle yoga class is also lessened, and the time the students are in class is shortened.

Iyengar Yoga

This class explores yoga as taught by master teacher BKS Iyengar.  Precision and alignment are discussed, as well as modifications for those who are new to yoga or have injuries.  As such, this class is open to a diverse range of abilities.

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