Policies, Fees and Payments

Yoga classes run for approximately 75 minutes, and generally are held weekly. With most yoga classes a student is able to begin at any point during the year. The student’s first class at Renaissance Yoga Studio is free. After that the fee is $14 for each class attended. This includes drop-ins, as well as registered students. Drop-ins are always welcome, but only if there is space available in the class.  Payment can be made with cash or personal checks.   Class cards can also be purchased. Each card costs either $65 for 5 yoga classes or $120 for 10 classes.  Class cards can also be purchased through PayPal.  Cards are also available for one month of unlimited yoga at $120, or one year of unlimited yoga at $1000.  Gift certificates are also available. Students are also able to have individual lessons at the studio, at the rate of $60 per hour.

If you are planning on attending a yoga class, please plan to arrive at the studio on time. Teachers begin each class with an introduction and a centering activity that prepares you for what follows. Also dress casually, in clothing that allows you to bend, stretch and twist. If you may need to change before or after class, you may do so at the studio. When you do come to class, avoid wearing strong perfumes or deodorants, and be sure that your cell phones are turned off while the class is in session. It is also best not to eat a meal any closer than 3 hours before class(a light snack is OK).

If you have any physical or mental conditions, please consult your healthcare provider before starting an exercise program, and also inform the instructor at the first class. You will be asked to sign a liability waiver once you begin to take classes at the studio.

As for weather-related cancellations, generally, unless it is a plow-able snowfall yoga classes will be held. If the weather is questionable, students may call 717-495-9634 beforehand, to find out whether the class will be held.  Class cancellations will also be posted on Facebook.


You can register for a free yoga class here.


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