What People Are Saying

Here are a few things people are saying about the Renaissance Yoga Studio:

“It is hard to put into words what yoga has done for me. It has strengthened me on so many levels. Not only has it quieted my mind and allowed me to focus on what is truly important in my life, but yoga has also built my self-confidence and strengthened my body. Yoga has changed my life…I am more comfortable with myself on an emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical level. Yoga has built my patience and acceptance of myself and for others. On a physical level I feel stronger, more flexible, and more in touch with my body than I think I ever have. I truly feel that yoga has made me more of the person I want to be…more self-actualized.”
-LS, student

“The Renaissance Yoga Studio has a level of intimacy which insures that every student receives individualized attention and instruction…This is helpful to students at all levels, including beginners who are learning poses and developing their technique, to experienced students who want to push themselves to explore their yoga practice further. Bob, the director, is a wonderful instructor. He is incredibly knowledgeable of yogic practices and lifestyle. His classes are focused on physical, as well as spiritual transformation. He has a relaxed style of teaching which allows his students to relax and explore poses at their own pace and level of ability.”
-LS, student

“Yoga has been such a healer in my life It can bring me more relief that any medication. If I’m having a hard day (with a migraine or pain and muscle spasms from MS) it brings me balance mentally, emotionally and physically. It is the one thing that I know that I can count on to make a different in my life. I owe my well-being to Bob at Renaissance Yoga Studio and my yoga practice. They have truly changed my life.”
-CB, student