Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga involves bending, and twisting, and stretching the body into various positions, called “asanas”. Like most forms of physical exercise, yoga can give you a good workout, while at the same time strengthen and tone your muscles. There are numerous weight-bearing poses in yoga that can accomplish this. However, what makes yoga different from most other forms of exercise is its ability to make you more flexible. By stretching and bending and twisting, your muscles can become longer as well as stronger, and eventually your flexibility can improve.


Every part of your body can move more easily when you practice yoga regularly. Yoga, then, complements nicely any form of exercise you now may be doing. And practicing yoga is also important as we age, and as the body shrinks and becomes more stiff, and we develop age-related illnesses.


Yoga can help to slow down this aging process. And not only can yoga benefit you physically, but emotionally as well. Because of the emphasis and the focus that yoga places on the breath and the physical body, your practice then becomes a distraction from all of the stresses you may face in life. At the same time, practicing yoga regularly can help to calm your mind, and relax you physically.


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